Friday, November 20, 2009

Top 5 Coolest Mecha Pilots

Last time featured the well-known "whiny mecha pilot" anime archetype. Now let's do a complete 180-turn and focus on something much better--the
Top 5 Coolest Mecha Pilots.

These are the guys we WANT to be; the fact they pilot a giant robot is just icing on the cake!

#5 - Kamina (Gurren Lagann)
Not everyone can lead a stampeding herd of mole-pigs to the top of their underground city's roof. And not everyone has a city named in their honor, either. Of course, not too many folks use the catchphrase, "Who the hell do you think I am?!" We'd list Kamina higher on the cool list, but not until he puts a shirt on.

#4 - Van (Gun x Sword)
It helps that Van looks a lot like Cowboy Bebop's own Spike Spiegel (perhaps the coolest anime character ever). Van makes his own fashion statement though, wearing a swallowtail tuxedo and droopy Stetson-style hat. His coolest accessory is his shape-memory cloth "sword," but Van is usually more interested in dousing his meals with mixed sauces. Maybe his wardrobe should come with a condiment belt.

#3 - Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing)
In a show full of pretty boy pilots in need of Prozac, Duo sticks out as the stud who smiles while he wipes out mecha armies with his Deathscythe Gundam. Who knew a "god of death" could be so fun?

#2 - Max Sterling (Robotech: Macross)
Max is living the dream. He's an ace Veritech fighter pilot for the SDF-1, and that's not the best part. Max makes our list because he snagged his hot alien wife by first defeating her at a video arcade game, then out-dueling her in a knife fight. Mrs. Miriya Sterling then becomes his wingmate, fighting beside Max in her very own Veritech fighter. Just keep an eye on that girl in the kitchen.

#1 - Roger Smith (The Big O)
Comic books have Batman, and anime has Roger Smith, Paradigm City's Negotiator. Like Bruce Wayne, Roger has his wide array of gadgetry: grappling hook-shooting wristwatch, rocket-launching Griffon sedan, memory metal lock-pick, and more. But instead of donning cape and cowl, Roger jumps into the cockpit of his giant megadeus Big O to fight giant-sized mecha crime. And in place of Boy Wonder Robin, Roger's sidekick is the cute sardonic android R. Dorothy Wayneright. "It's Showtime!"

And it's go time! Stay cool, everyone.

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