Sunday, September 26, 2010

Top 5 Anime Titles

"What's in a name?

Go smell a rose, or check out if you're curious why your parents call you what they do.

As for us, we're talking about the
Top 5 Anime Titles.

We mean "titles" as the name of the anime, not the anime itself. We'll leave that for other lists.

As for THIS list, we're looking at the "anime-est" titles of all anime. Name on!

#5 - Bubblegum Crisis

Not an endorsement for Hubba Bubba. Instead, this cyberpunk show borrows from the likes of Blade Runner with more babes and bikes. The title is deeper than it sounds--it's a metaphor for a crisis-filled world, like gum being blown into a bubble about to pop! Okay, so maybe it's not that profound.

#4 - Cowboy Bebop

Another anime in a future world setting, this series features hero bounty hunters (a.k.a. "cowboys") flying around the solar system in their spaceship Bebop. One of the best shows ever, thanks to some cool characters and Yoko Kanno's musical genius.

#3 - Pumpkin Scissors

Another example of food-related anime titles, this show features an elite military squad called Imperial Army State Section III. Not very catchy, so they go by Pumpkin Scissors. Why? Apparently, their purpose is to "cut" through corrupt powers who hide "behind lies, power, and money like the rind of a pumpkin," according to officer Alice Malvin.

Hmmmm, maybe Imperial Army State Section III would be better after all. Call them "IASS III," for short.

#2 - GunXSword

Guns? Cool. Swords? Cooler.

So combine those two cool weapons with the coolest letter of all--X--in between them. That gets you one coooooool title for an anime.

Saying it becomes a problem, though. The X is silent, so don' t call the show "Gunekksssword."

#1 - Full Metal Panic!

It's not just a panic, it's a full metal panic! With an exclamation point. The title alone should clue you in on the melodramatic qualities of this anime--whether it's giant mecha battles or teenage romance. Plus, it's got an exclamation point. An exclamation point! (Another standard for anime titles.)

That gives us an idea. Wanna name an anime show? Just follow our handy-dandy anime name-maker below. Give it a try!

Pick one word out of each group--along with a punctuation mark for that final polish--and you've got one perfectly named anime show!

Word 1: (select one)
a. Armored
b. Fuzzy
c. Blue
d. Spike
e. Death

Word 2: (select one)
a. Banana
b. Gundam
c. Pancake
d. Stardust
e. Sushi

Word 3: (select one or skip)
a. Ninja
b. Robot
c. Samurai
d. Sister
e. Vampire

Punctuation: (select one or three)
a. !
b. !!
c. !?!
d. :)
e. $*&@~^%!

Watch out otaku. Here comes Blue Sushi Samurai!?!