Sunday, January 16, 2011

Top 5 Movies for Anime Fans

We're watching the 68th Annual Golden Globes. Hey, Hollywood Foreign Press! Where's the Outstanding Anime Award? Aww, nevermind.

Until then, here's our list of
Top 5 Movies for Anime Fans.

These are all live-action motion pictures that, for some reason or another, fit with the quirky tastes of otaku everywhere.

#5 - Tie: Men in Black series and The Fifth Element

Both movies mix in anime standards of space alien adventure, bug-eyed characters, memorable villains, and end-of-the world climaxes. So both deserve every anime fan's attention. Who cares about logic? These shows are just plan fun--seminal science-fiction of the late 1990s.

#4 - Avatar

Yup, more sci-fi stuff here. James Cameron's 3-D blockbuster boasts some awesome tech--massive airships and . . . hey kids, it's MECHA--bonus!

Don't forget the story's blaring environmental message. It's impossible to miss, unless your brain got bludgeoned from a front-row IMAX viewing.

#3 - Never Been Kissed

This flick may raise a few eyebrows, but stick with us on this one. Drew Barrymore's romantic comedy is a perfect movie for anime fans: an adult woman poses undercover as a high school student. And the hilarious hijinks ensue (not to mention underlying ethical issues)--popularity wars, varsity sports, and unrequited love. Plus, David Arquette's triumphant return to high school is every fanboy's dream.

#2 - Inception

Mind-blowing visuals AND plot--that's what makes anime so nifty. Same thing with Christopher Nolan's masterpiece. The best part is that viewers love to debate the so-called confounding final scene. But really, Inception's ambiguous end is perfectly clear when you compare it to any number of anime.

#1 - The Matrix Trilogy

No surprise here. The Wachowski brothers mined some of the best sci-fi anime to create their series. Just watch one of the trilogy's legendary and revolutionary action sequences and you'll see what anime shows have been pulling off for years. The Matrix also digs into some obscure philosophy/religion mishmash, a key ingredient to making anime so gosh darn artsy fartsy.

And just like they do with anime, fans can lament the trilogy's content for years to come. Each movie faced escalated expectations with mixed results, providing plenty of fuel for forum flamers.

Naturally, new movies will always compete for a spot on this list, including director Zack (300, Watchmen) Snyder's latest film, Sucker Punch. (How's that for an anime title?)

Take a peek:

Talk about an anime perfect storm. We can hear the squeals of otaku all over the globe.