Friday, October 7, 2011

Top 5 Anime Closings (ED)

This month marks our 2nd anniversary - Hooray!

In past Octobers, we've recognized the Top 5 Opening Songs and Next Top 5 Opening Songs. So to change things up a bit, here's our

Top 5 Anime Closings (ED)

#5 - InuYasha (1st season)

One of the best EDs to showcase common anime closing techniques--focus on female characters, retrospective vignettes, j-pop divas, and snow. Makes you want to ride a ferris wheel, don't it?

#4 - Eden of the East

This closing channels a 1980s Peter Gabriel music video and conveying the frantic conspiracy-laden theme. And really, what's more suspicious than paper?

#3 - Wolf's Rain

Proving that you don't need a lot of eye catching animation to create a gripping closer. (Yoko Kanno's music doesn't hurt.) There's something striking about watching lead wolf Kiba stride slow-motion across a barren landscape in front of a setting moon. Kinda gets ya were you live.

#2 - FLCL

Again, not much animation here, although the vibrating guitar strings at the beginning are a nice touch. And the stop motion-style video footage of a scooter echoes the coolness of this Gainax show. Or is this just a Vespa commercial?

#1 - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (1st season)

Okay, so sometimes snazzy animation helps, too. Along with a spastic j-pop song and flash mob inducing dance crazes and parodies a plenty.

The nerdiverse just imploded . . .