Sunday, November 14, 2010

Next Top 5 Openings

Time flies, and we just flew past our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

To celebrate, here's a sequel to our very FIRST Top 5 List. We're calling it the

NEXT Top 5 Anime Openings

There are so many excellent opening animation sequences and songs, we just gotta enjoy five more. (Review our list of #1-5 HERE.)

#10 - .Hack//SIGN

Step into "The World" with this anime's main characters, courtesy of composer Yuki Kajiura and her See-Saw J-Pop duo. We recommend keeping your clothes on.

#9 - Last Exile

Bagpipes and beautiful steampunk CGI animation. What else do you need?

#8 - Bleach (Opening #2)

Bleach boasts a bunch of coolness througout its openings (best episode # bumpers, too). We're partial to the second opening, with its rocking anthem featuring the Soul Society story arc.

#7 - The Vision of Escaflowne

This show beautifully blends elements of mecha and fantasy, and its Yoko Kanno-composed opening number encapsulates all this amalgam anime has to offer.

#6 - Ergo Proxy

Just how cathartic is goth? Check out this opening and enjoy the 360 degrees of anguish at the one-minute mark.

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