Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top 5 Unfortunate Anime Titles

A while back, we shared our list of Top 5 Anime Titles. (Not shows, mind you, but names of shows.)

Unfortunately, some anime shows have less than ideal titles. (The new Bodacious Space Pirates comes to mind.)

Here are our

Top 5 Unfortunate Anime Titles

These are good shows (mostly). They just don't have the best titles . . .

#5 - Xam'd: Lost Memories

We're still not sure which memories we lost. And what exactly is a "Xam'd?" The show sort of answers that, but not why it's in a past tense "punk'd" sort of way. (Ashton Kutcher to Demi Moore: "You just got XAM'D!")

#4 - Tiger and Bunny

Everyone's claiming this super-hero show is the next Cowboy Bebop, the savior of all anime-kind. Too bad its title sounds closer to My Little Pony or some nature special on the Playboy channel.

#3 - The Big O

Type this name in Google and you'll find a national tire franchise. Or maybe a helpful book for the bedroom. Or maybe footage of NBA hall-of-famer Oscar Robertson. Or maybe this anime show.

#2 - Bleach

Rumor has it Tite Kubo called his creation Bleach because the shinigami heroes "bleach" evil souls. All it makes us think about is that dirty pile of laundry on the floor. It's still waiting . . .

#1 - Dragonball Z

Dragons are cool. And we like to play a little ball from time to time. And the second-coolest letter in the alphabet (behind X) has got to be Z. Put them all together and you get . . . another slightly suggestive euphemism. Be careful how you type when searching on the internet.