Saturday, February 19, 2011

Top 5 Anime Love Triangles

Have you recovered from Valentine's Day (A.k.a: Singles Awareness Day) yet?

If not, then read no further. It's our

Top 5 Anime Love Triangles

#5 - Tohru, Yuki, & Kyo (Fruits Basket)

Huggers beware! Tohru lives every girl's dream with cute boys who turn into cuddly animals. But really, is there any contest between a cat and rat?

#4 - Kagome, InuYasha, & Koga (InuYasha)

Continuing the animal theme (no beastiality jokes, please), school girl Kagome seems destined to fall for dog half-demon InuYasha. But then wolf demon Koga shows up and thinks he can sweep our heroine off her feet.

Either way you choose, Kagome, you're gonna have flea problems.

#3 - Roger Smith, Angel, & R. Dorothy Wayneright (Big O)

No animals or half-demons here. Just androids. Trust us, it isn't kinky.

In fact, the Roger-Angel-Dorothy triangle features some of the most tender, personal moments of any romantic tale. These three individuals help each other come to view themselves as they truly are, with an unblinking gaze like Dorothy's robotic eyes.

#2 - Isamu, Myung, & Guld (Macross Plus)

Three childhood friends' old scars resurface in adulthood when rivalries and dreams clash. Combine that high concept with transforming fighter jets, space dogfights, and a rogue H.A.L.-like synthetic singer; and you've got a humdinger of a show.

Together with the gorgeous "Voices" song, Macross Plus is surpassed only by its predecessor . . .

#1 - Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, & Lynn Minmei (Robotech: Macross)

Admit it, viewers, you cared more about Rick's love life than mankind's survival against the giant Zentradi aliens.

Rick is an upstart Veritech fighter pilot with a heart of gold (sound familiar?). Too bad that same organ is also torn in two by his closest lady friends.

Whom would you choose? Teen pop princess Lynn Minmei? Or Lisa, the honorable First Officer of a giant transforming spaceship? Tough call. And what makes this the #1 love triangle is the show keeps us guessing until the very end.

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