Saturday, April 17, 2010

Top 5 Anime Cats

We've talked swords and guns. Now it's on to that other lethal weapon . . .

Top 5 Anime Cats

#5 - Kuroneko Sama (Trigun)

Maybe one of the most famous anime feline, Kuroneko Sama ("Lady Black Cat") appears in every episode of Trigun and even makes a cameo in the Wild ARMs: 2nd Ignition video game.

As famous as she is, Kuroneko sometimes gets mistaken for protagonist Vash the Stampede. We don't see the resemblance.

#4 - The Cat (She and Her Cat)
We're going obscure here. This little kitty is the narrator of a short film made by Voices of a Distant Star creator Makoto Shinkai. (You'll find the short as an extra on the Voices DVD.)

Check out this emotional tale to hear about the people/pet relationship from the pet's point of view.

#3 - Maya (Azumanga Daioh)
Poor Sakaki could never find a cat to return her affection. Case in point:

But finally Sakaki finds a lovable orphan mountain cat who follows her home to Tokyo.

Not only is Maya a fine furry companion; he also can emit a "battle aura" to scare off any mean cat who even thinks about biting his surrogate mother.

#2 - Pero (Big O)

Poor little Pero. Got stuck in a mad scientist's lab and finds brief peace in the tender arms of android R. Dorothy Wayneright.

It's a short respite. Then it's back to the monster factory where Pero transforms into its giant-sized manufactured form.

But the heart of a fuzzy feline still remains in Pero's soul, and the ending of this episode will break your heart, too.

#1 - Jiji (Kiki's Delivery Service)

Also known as Rei Sakuma, but Americans are probably more familiar with Jiji courtesy of the late, great Phil Hartman's voice acting on the Walt Disney dub.

Jiji is witch-in-training Kiki's talking black cat, and his voice sheds light on a cat's personality--sarcastic and self-protective.

Now we know what our cat is thinking when she glares at us.

Talk about a dangerous weapon . . .

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