Tuesday, October 27, 2009


High Five!

Up top!

Top Five, actually. This is Top 5 Anime, courtesy of the creators of Anime Pocky Reviews.

If you want reviews of shows, go check out our Anime Pocky Reviews blog. But if you want our Top Five Lists of all kinds of anime categories--genres, characters, animation, music, fun--then this is the #1 site for you!

Naturally, we won't cover EVERY single anime out there. So if you think you have a better list or know an anime we left out, please respectfully share your thoughts by responding to our posts.

You can find your favorite categories by using the blog SEARCH at the top. Type in key words you're looking for and see what you get! And if you don't find it, tell us what lists you want. We'll do our best. Or at least our top five!

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